1/50.- Welcome to Hilton Head Island!!!


Anticipation peaks, you feel the blood flow quickly through your body as you walk towards the beach and you just can’t wait to play, run or bike along the 12 miles of pristine white sand. Hilton Head Island doesn’t only attract people who live close by, but also those who live as far away as Ontario, Quebec, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania - the list goes on. Yes, we all pack our cars and vans with golf bags, tennis rackets, beach gear and lots of fond memories of previous trips, then begin the long haul to the southern part of South Carolina. Hilton Head is located just north of Savannah, Georgia. To give you an idea of distance, we drive for some eleven hours from Pittsburgh to arrive in this paradise. The island has its own small airport, but chances are you that if you fly, you’ll be landing in Savannah airport, approximately a 45 minute drive away. Wonder why so many people travel so far to come to Hilton Head Island? Then this is the tour for you! You’ll see much of the island and some of Bluffton, a small town close to the island. You’ll also get an introduction to Savannah and the beautiful city of Charleston which is located about a two hour drive north of the island.

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