1/37.- Tourist Information Belem. Welcome to Belem do Para!


Belem, with two million inhabitants, is the biggest city on the delta of the Amazon river, in the North of Brazil. Belem is also the starting point for the cruise ships that sail along the Amazon River to the city of Manaus. Belem itself has some points of interest, but the main attraction of Belem is the longest river in the world and its rainforest.

Belem, located on the banks of the Bay of Guajara, on the estuary of the Amazon river, has many points of interest, among them: the refurbished docks, with the port, the market of Vero Peso and the old city (or Cidade Velha). Next to the market of Vero Peso is downtown Belem (or Centro). Further east are the new districts.

On the following pages I will show you the city, and give you information about some nice excursions you can do here.

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