37/50.- Cairo, Egyptian museum, Tutankhamun mask


Wonderful, isn't it? Do you remember the first time you saw this mask? Probably it was at school. I am sure you have seen this mask thousands of times since then. And here it is! The real one!

In this room you can also admire two golden sarcophagus. The smallest one is of solid gold. The biggest one is made of wood and covered with gold.

In the surrounding rooms you can admire the rest of the treasuries found in the Tutankhamun tomb. This tomb was located in the Valley of the Kings, in Luxor.

More than 1,700 pieces complete the Tutankhamun collection. He ruled only for 9 years, and it is not considered an important pharaoh. His tomb was preserved till 1922 thanks to its hidden situation. Can you imagine the treasuries the thieves found in the tombs of the most important pharaohs?

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