1/50.- Cairo, welcome to Cairo (Egypt)!


Hello, welcome to Cairo, Egypt! Cairo is not only the capital of Egypt, but the biggest city in Africa, with more than 16 million inhabitants. Although it is a huge and chaotic metropolis, it is also a lovely destination.

If you stay with me I will show you why this city is so fascinating. I will share my experiences in this overcrowded city with you. You will learn how to get around, what to see, when to go, where and what to eat, how to deal with locals, some street scams and everything else you need to know before visiting this city. I will also give you some information about its history, culture and traditions. I hope you will enjoy this Photographic Tour.

In the photo you can see the reaction of some tourists in front of the magnificent Tutankhamun mask. i am sure you have seen this mask several thousand times. If you complete the tour you will have the chance to see it one more time.

By the way on this tour I will not show a single photo of the pyramids, they impressed me so much that I have dedicated a Photographic Tour to them. If you want to see the pyramids before (virtually) visiting Cairo, click here.

Now it is time to visit Cairo's main bazaar: Khan al Khalili ...

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