12/50.- Cairo, Islamic Cairo, fruits shop


Local cuisine is rich, but it is not as rich as in other countries in the region.

In local restaurants you will find some tasteful courses, like salads, "kofta" (sausages), "kebab", fresh fish and chicken. Prices are really low. Most restaurants have the prices on the menu. In the cheapest ones there's no price list. In these restaurants, you should sit, order and pay attention when a local pays. They will always try to charge you the double (at least), but if you know how much locals pay, the negotiation will be easier.

If you want to taste the local take away you should look for a falafel shop, where you can buy a falafel sandwich (the local name is taamiya) or a ful sandwich (a bean dough). If you are on a hurry, you can also look for a kushari restaurant. Kushari is rice, pasta, lentils and sauce. Definitely my favorite was the falafel sandwich.

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