2/30.- Versailles, the Chateau facade


A visit to the castle will usually take you one day. There are organized tours. Most of them leave from Paris. You can also visit the castle on your own. If you are staying in Paris, you have to take the metro to the "Invalides" station and buy a ticket to "Versailles Rive Gauche". The trip lasts 30-40 minutes. Make sure to buy the ticket before getting on the train, or you will not be able to leave the platforms. Once you get to the ville of Versailles, you have to walk a few yards to the castle's entrance. It is impossible to get lost, just follow the crowds.

In front of us, on our left, there is the information office. To buy the tickets you have to go to the ticket offices on our right. The single ticket gives you access to the State apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, the Apartments of the Queen and the Museum of History of France. The visit lasts one hour. There is a complimentary ticket that let's you visit the King's Chamber and the private apartments. After 3:30 PM there is a reduced ticket. There is also a passport that let's you visit the Chateau, the Grand and Petit Trianon, the Coach museum and the groves. You can buy tickets via the net, and at FNAC stores in Paris.

This is one of France's main tourist attractions, expect long queues and crowds in all the rooms you visit ...

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