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1/49.- Welcome to Algarve, Portugal!

Hello, and welcome to Algarve, a sunny region on the Southern coast of Portugal, which has long been a favourite holiday destination for British tourists, but which has in recent years become a popular destination for German and Dutch tourists and pensioners as well.

The coast is situated on the Atlantic, so the water is a little colder than the Mediteranean’s, but the weather is beautiful in the summer and the wind keeps the climate from becoming too hot, and the high waves in certain places attract windsurfers. Moreover, the coastline is beautiful especially in those places where small beaches are caught between high cliffs which act as wind- and wave-breakers.

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Welcome to algarve, Portugal!


In case this is your first tour with me, let me introduce myself: my name is Jean-Pierre van Noppen and I teach at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium) at the English Linguistics Department. If you want to learn more about me click here 

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