15/25.- Montserrat, Funicular de Sant Joan


This is a photo of the "Santa Cova" Funicular. If you want to visit Montserrat there are two more combined tickets that may interest you.

The first one is called "Tot Montserrat" (all Montserrat). With this ticket you can take the underground from your hotel in Barcelona to the "Plaça Espanya" train station, the train from Barcelona to Montserrat, the Aeri, both funiculars, you can visit the museum, eat lunch (in the self service restaurant), and return to your hotel. You get also a 5% discount if you stay at the monastery.

The second one is called "TransMonsterrat". With this ticket you get the metro, train, cable car (Aeri) and funicular tickets. You can buy both tickets in any FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) station.

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