7/46.- Beijing, Forbidden City, building


If you have followed my advice, by now you should have visited the central part of the Imperial Palace. Now you should complete the west and east routes.

The "West Route" starts west of the square between the Inner Court and the Outer Court. The Entrance is through the "Gate of Flourishing Prosperity". This part of the Imperial City comprises six halls. The first hall is "Jun Ji Chu", for the Department of Military Affairs during the Qing Dynasty. Next you should visit the "Hall of Mental Cultivation", the bedchamber of eight Qin Emperors. Further north is the "Hall of Eternal Longevity", which hosts temporary exhibitions. West of it, is the "Hall of Supreme Ultimate". North of it, the "Hall of All Encompassing Universe", with its small theater. Further north is the "Hall of Everlasting Spring", and east of it, the "Hall of Assisting Earth". North of it, the hall of the Empress, the "Hall of Harmonious Universe". Further north , is the "Hall of Gathering Universe" and east of it, the Gate to the Imperial Garden.

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