8/42.- Almaty, Mount view


Almaty is situated at the foot of Tian-Shan massif. From any point of the city you can see mountain peaks. If you are experienced in mountain climbing, you can visit some of them: peak Talgar 5017m, Komsomol Peak 4376m, Big Almaty Peak 3684m or at least enjoy with the great mountain sights.

There is a viewing point on the top of the hill where TV tower was settled. It's the former Verigin Hill, now called Kok-Tubee (Green Top). You can go up there by the cableway from the center city. The TV tower of 372 m together with the Kok-Tubee Hill makes 1402 m above the sea level. Verigin Hill is the favorite place of artists. They use to install their easels to paint among natural growth charmed with both panorama of Almaty and multicolored carpet of flowers.

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