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31/50.- San Francisco, Washington Square park

Now taking Columbus Ave. up we enter the neighborhood of the Telegraph Hill. Its name comes from the telegraph station built here in 1956, on the site of the first West Coast semaphore to signal the vessels arriving at the Golden Gate. We will hike up the steep streets of the Telegraph Hill with charming cottages, exotic gardens, panoramic vistas of the Bay.

The center of North Beach, on Telegraph Hill is Washington Square and its park. 150 years ago, Washington Square was a cemetery, a cow pasture, then a refugee camp after the earthquake of 1906 that destroyed the city. Washington Square was then among the first public spaces the city government designated for a park area. Good opportunity for us to rest on a bench in this peaceful, green, shaded place surrounded by poplars, and many evergreen trees.

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San Francisco, Washington Square park

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