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1/32.- Welcome to Port Antonio, Jamaica!!!

Port Antonio, located on the Northeast coast of Jamaica, is one of the most beautiful destinations in this island. Although Port Antonio does not draw as many tourists as other more popular destinations in Jamaica --Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril--, the town has many points of interest.

The first vacationers to arrive to Jamaica chose Port Antonio, and since then the town has attracted a selective tourism. The first famous celebrity to come here was Errol Flynn, but many other actors and artists have chosen Jamaica to escape from the colds of North America and Europe. Click on the picture to see one of the main reasons to visit Jamaica.

Nowadays Port Antonio is an offbeat spot. Rich and shoestring American travelers alike prefer Port Antonio, but many Europeans (mainly Germans and Italians) are also coming during the European winter to this unique location. If you come with me I will try to show you some of the reasons why tourists come here.

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welcome to Port Antonio, Jamaica!!!


In case this is your first tour with me, let me introduce myself: my name is Enric, and my intention is to go to the most beautiful places on earth and put photos of them on this web site.

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