5/50.- Hilton Head Island, Sign on Beach


Lost? This nifty sign will let you know how far you are from salient points. The Hyatt has been taken over by the Marriott, by the way. The Salty Dog Cafe is seven miles away, down at South Beach, in Sea Pines. Hilton Head is divided into plantations or neighborhoods. Sea Pines plantation, some would say is the finest of them all, but that would be the Sea Piners talking, of course. There is a charge to enter Sea Pines. However, if you happen to be staying there, don’t worry, you’ll get passes which allow you to come and go as you please. Same goes for the other plantations which are also gated communities that require a pass to enter. Now doesn’t that make you feel special?!

Keep on pedaling and listen to the crisp sound of crumbled seashells as your wheels speed along.

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