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2.- Fort Lauderdale, Beach sunrise with the famous wall

I started the Millennium with my wife and brother looking at a similar horizon without clouds on the horizon. Before 8 a.m. the beach usually has one person on it. I'm willing to share this view with you!

Let's talk about the wall. It is famous for rollerbladers, who use the edge of the wall for their balancing acts. People bicycle, rollerblade, cruise and jog along this beach wall. A fiber optic cable runs along the edge of the wall and projects a colored light to give the edge of the wall a new color every five to seven seconds. The wall stretches from Sunrise Blvd. south to the Yankee Clipper Hotel (about 3 miles or 5 km). Please don't destroy the wall's edge when you jump on it! (The City of Fort Lauderdale spends $100,000 each year to repair and paint the wall.) If you bring your skates to travel on this ocean drive (called A-1-A because it is the Alternative to route 1, which runs from New England down to Key West).

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Fort Lauderdale, Beach sunrise  with the famous wall


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