8/47.- Marrakech, pillows from Marrakech


Buying something in Marrakech is not always a pleasant experience. It is not only that you always have to bargain, as anywhere else in Morocco, the main problem is that Marrakech sellers can be be sometimes a little bit too aggressive.

I recommend buying your souvenirs in any town in Morocco except Marrkech. But if you have no other option, you will need a lot of patience. Sometimes sellers in Marrakech are nice, and treat customers nicely. When you ask for the price of something, they give you a reasonable price, you bargain a couple of minutes, you agree on the price, and shake hands. But in some occasions sellers just give you out of this world prices. This can be infuriating, because in order to get a decent price, you will have to negotiate for hours. And the longer you negotiate, the more they insist. If you finally say "no thank you" and go, they may follow you for several minutes.

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