23/50.- Luxor, Karnak Temple, Hatshetsup obelisk


Leaving the hypostyle hall through the third pylon we came to a narrow court where there once stood several obelisks. One of the obelisks was erected by Tuthmosis I (1504 - 1492 BC).

The obelisk you see here is the tallest one in the temple (97 feet - 29.6 m). It was erected by Tuthmosis I daughter, Hatshepsut. She dedicated this obelisk to Amun, as the inscription on the obelisk says. I think Hatshepsut was the first feminist in history. She was the first woman to break the tradition of male kings. During her reign she could do her will, but after her mysterious death, the following pharaohs tried to make her reign fall into oblivion. Her successor, for instance, built a tall wall around the obelisk, only the tip of the obelisk was visible. I wonder why he did not demolish the obelisk instead. Probably because it was dedicated to a god.

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