3/36.- Abu Simbel, Abu Simbel Temple


Here it is: The Sun Temple of Ramesses II! It is one of the most impressive temples I saw in Egypt.

Ramses II, son of king Sethi I, reigned 67 years (1290-1224 BC). He was famous for the amount of wives and children he had; more than 6 wives, and more than 100 children. You may think he didn't have time for anything else. This is not the case; he was a military strategist and a builder.

Some of the monuments constructed during his reign are: the temples of Karnak (Luxor), The Ramesseum (on the West Bank near Luxor) and the monumental temples of Abu Simbel. He also commanded his troops in many glorious battles, the most famous of them is the Battle of Kadesh against the Hittites, with whose king he signed the world's first peace treaty in 1280 BC.

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