12/23.- Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science


Warsaw has many faces… This building is one of the most known in the city. It is a gift for Warsaw from Stalin. The leader of the Soviet Union decided to build nine such palaces - 8 in Moscow and one in Warsaw. By mistake, the plans of the highest of them all went to Warsaw instead of staying in the capital of USSR and that’s how we got the tallest building in Europe until the seventies.

During the communist period, this was a symbol of Soviet domination, so in 1989 some wanted to destroy the building. Fortunately, we decided to leave it and now it serves its premises to cinemas, museums, theaters and fairs. If you wander around it carefully, you might still find monuments of Marxs, Engels or other communist heroes. If you like communist architecture, we have a whole district called MDM built in the heart of the city. It was there were the parades on the 1 May (Labor Day) with red flags marched. But let’s go further.

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