13/43.- Vienna, Imperial Palace door sculptures


Currently the Palace houses the hall where the Spanish Riding School performs, the Chapel where the Vienna’s Boys Choir sing, the offices of the Austrian President, a convention center and several museums.

Not far from here there’s the Chancellor’s Office, where many facts that have changed the destiny of Austria (and of the world) took place: the ultimatum to Serbia, which precipitated the World War I; the murder of Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss (on July 25th 1934); In 1938, Herman Göring threatened the Austrian President Wilhelm Miklas with a military attack if he didn’t install a pro-nazi government; In 1945 after the World War II, Dr Karl Renner guided the establishment of the democratic republic from this damaged building.

We’ll now cross the door you see, and get to the Heldenplatz, and take a look at the New Palace ...

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