8/43.- Vienna, Naschmarkt


This market is on a central sidewalk between two streets called Linke (left) and Rechte (right) Wienzeile. As you can see this is a fruits and vegetables market. You’ll find here some traditional Viennese products too.

Let’s learn something about this city history now. The town was founded about 100 AD by the Romans, who called Vindobona. The first mention of Vienna is in the Annals of Salzburg (881), where the name of Wenia is documented. In 1155 the Babenbergs moved the court to Vienna. And in 1282 Rudolph I of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor since 1273, installs his two sons as dukes of Austria. This family reigns until 1918. Later we’ll learn something else about this city, now it’s time to visit the Burggarten (a park) ...

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