2/43.- Vienna, State Opera House


This Opera House is one of the most famous Opera Theaters in the world. Some of the best directors of all times have performed here. The list is almost endless, but to name just a few: Mahler, Strauss, Krauss and von Karajan. The origins of this Opera House are not very fortunate; one of its architects (Eduard van der Nüll) killed himself because he couldn’t stand the negative reaction of the citizens of Vienna to his work. The other architect (August von Sicardsburg) died soon after too. The Opera House was almost totally destroyed in the World War 2, but soon after was reconstructed following the original plans (it was reopened in 1955).

We’ll now take a tramway (tram D) and visit one of the most important Baroque works in the world: the Belvedere Palace. It’s not far from here. It will take us less than a quarter ...

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