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Dear visitor, welcome to my Spain web pages. Here you will find tourist information, photographs and travel tips about Spain's main destinations. I consider this site only a starting point.

Spain, with its variety of landscapes, cultures and languages is one of the world's top tourist destinations. Cosmopolitan cities, beach destinations and historical sites, make of Spain a prefect place to travel.

When to Go/Climate: Spain is a diverse country, and so it is its climate. The south is very hot in Summer; especially in July and August. The central part is dry; hot in summer and cold in winter. The north is wet and green, it can be visited all year round, summers are mild.

Get in: The main airport in Spain is Madrid (MAD), which links many Southamerican destinations. The second airport is Barcelona (BCN).

Get around: Spain's main cities are well communicated by road, train and air. The country has a good network of fast trains (AVE).

Money and Costs: Spain uses the Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted, and ATM's can be found all throughout the country. Prices in Spain are not cheap anymore. Tipping of 5-10% is expected in restaurants.

Length of stay: Spain has so many and diverse tourist destinations that in order to see everything you would need months. If you "only" want to see its bigger cities, three or four weeks will suffice.

Languages/People: Spain has four official languages, Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque, but only one, Spanish, is official in all the country. Not many locals are fluent in English, but in tourist services staff speaks good English.

Food: The local cuisine is one of the main reasons for visiting Spain. The food is as diverse as the country. Paella (rice with seafood), tapas (small portions of food), and Jamon Serrano (pork's ham) are some of the things you should not miss. And when it comes to drinking, wine is the thing.

Safety: Some tourist areas are not safe. When in crowded sites, watch out for pickpockets.

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