1/42.- Welcome to Rome!!!


Welcome to Rome, the capital of Italy. Rome, with its more than 2000 years of history, has one of the biggest cultural heritages in the world. From the Roman Empire times through the Renaissance and Baroque to the current age, Rome is a fascinating city. If you come with me I will try to show you some of its treasuries on this Photographic Tour of the immortal city.

We will begin our tour in front of one of the most famous monuments in Rome: the Colosseum. On the following pages, we will visit the rest of Rome and the smallest State in the World: The Vatican.

Rome's number one sport nowadays is soccer, a sport in which two teams of eleven men fight for a ball. 2000 years ago the local number one sport was crueler: Instead of scoring as many goals as possible to your opponent, the goal of this "Sport" was to kill him. Gladiators fought against Christians and wild animals in the amphitheaters. The one you are seeing, is the biggest of them all, with capacity for more than 50,000 spectators.

We will now visit the 'Foro Romano' ...

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