12/50.- Desesti, wooden church "Pious Paraskeva"


The Wooden Church of Pious Paraskeva, another monument on the Unesco World Heritage List is located in the historical area of Maramures in the Mara River valley. The church dates from 1770 and has preserved much of its original aspect except for the "windows" between the nave and the narthex which were added at a later date. The church is made of wooden beams arranged according to the Blockbau system. The church plan is traditional composed of a nave and narthex in the shape of a rectangle and a sanctuary with a polygonal recessed apse. The roof plays an extremely important role in defining the church impressive silhouette. It has double eaves over the narthex and the nave and a bell tower above the narthex with an open gallery with arcades and a tall pyramid-shaped roof.

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