3/50.- Surdesti, twisted rope belt motif


The church was built for the Greek-Catholic community of the village and dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. It comprises all traditional elements of a Maramures wooden church which makes it again representative for this architectural style: the double-roof, windows under each roof, the "twisted belt" (seen in the picture) around the church as well as a twisted rope of rose-leaves at the entrance. The porch, situated on the western side, is unique in the land, being subsequently added and conceived with two rows of superposed archways. The archways have different openings, but they are identical in shape and decor; it is a creation of great artistic effect. The roof has double eaves and on the portion of wall between the eaves there is a second row of windows, identical in shape and seize with the ones situated at the eye-level.

The Greek-Catholic community of the village that built it used the church until 1948, when the communist system abolished this cult; between 1948 and 1990 there are mentions only about the Orthodox church, and after 1990 the building is once again the property of the Greek-Catholic cult. Today the church is used by both the Romanian Orthodox and the Catholic minority as there is only one church in the village.

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