Welcome to Portugal!!!

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its main tourist destinations are Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and the beaches in the sunny region of Algarve (South). On the following pages you will find tourist information about the mentioned destinations.

In the cities of Portugal you can take a look back in history, when Portugal was one of the most powerful countries on earth.

Portugal is very diverse, from cosmopolitan cities to green mountains in the North, and from glamorous beaches in the South to slopes and falls in the center of the country.

When to Go/Climate: Portugal has a mild climate. It can be visited all year round. The best seasons are late spring and early fall.

Get in/around: Portugal is well communicated by road and train. Its main gateway is Lisbon International Airport (LIS).

Money and Costs: the official currency is the Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Length of stay: In order to visit Portugal's main tourist attractions you need one or two weeks.

Languages/People: the country's official language is Portuguese. Most locals are fluent in English and can understand Spanish.

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