8/33.- Orleans, Rue d'Escures


We are now in Place de la Concorde, not far from the Louvre museum The river Seine sits on our right. This is the largest square in Paris, and although it was constructed between 1757 and 1777, it has a long history. In this square the infamous guillotine was used to kill more than 1,300 heads of members of the 'antique' regime. After the revolution the square received its current name: 'Place de la Concorde' (=peace).

On the left you can see the Obelisk of Luxor, a present the viceroy of Egypt gave to Charles X in 1829 -If you want to visit the original location of the Obelisk in Egypt, click here. On the right you can see the big wheel, from where there is a great landscape view of the center of Paris.


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