1/33.- Welcome to Orleans, France!!


Hi, welcome to Orleans! The capital of the Loire Valley is famous for two reasons: Joan of Arc and the 'Chateaux' in the region. Discover many other reasons to visit this rather small city --113,000 inhabitants-- situated in the heart of France. Just an hour from Paris, it is the perfect destination for a one or two days excursion from the capital of France. If you want to visit the castles ('Chateaux') in the area, you will need, at least three or four days.

In the photo you see the fabulous Cathedral of 'Sainte Croix', only comparable to the Cathedral of 'Notre Dame' in Paris. If you want to learn more about this city, you have to complete this Photographic Tour. We will not only visit the three main landmarks in Orleans --the Cathedral, the Hotel Groslot and Joan of Arc's house--, but also many other interesting sites. I hope you will enjoy it ...

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