6/27.- Zealand, Vlissingen


But there is more to Holland than Tulips, clogs and windmills. In this virtual visit, I hope to take you on a tour to see some of the towns and regions. Right now, the scope of the visit is still very limited, but I hope to complete it very soon with views of cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, and smaller towns like Delft and Gouda.

Vlissingen (in English, “Flushing”) is a harbour town overlooking the estuary of the Scheldt, a large river which leads to the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. It is not surprising, then, that pilotage (guiding large ships into the proper lanes regardless of the weather) is one of the town’s key activities. The picture also shows some typical Dutch architecture, with small gabled houses and white, open steeples.

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