2/26.- Amsterdam, Transportation


Most travelers first arrive to Amsterdam Central Station. It is the easiest way to reach the city centre from Schiphol Airport and all international trains stop here as well.

You may decide to drive to Amsterdam, but bear in mind that Amsterdam is not a car friendly city. If you decide to park your car in the city, don’t forget to get a parking ticket as parking police are merciless and parking fees apply on every single street, from 9am to midnight (12pm to 12am on Sunday) and can cost up to €40 a day.

Once in the city, you can walk or cycle. Walking is a real pleasure in Amsterdam, as in every street you will discover something: an old house, a decorated boat on the canal, a well-hidden garden... while cycling, the main means of transportation here and everywhere in the Netherlands, can prove to be adventurous. And if you want to stay in one piece, never walk on the cycling paths!!

Most of the places are well served by public transport as well, many tramways run from central station. Check the official GVB website for more information. A boat tour is also one great way of seeing the city from a different perspective. Many tours depart from different canals all around the centre.

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