26/29.- Milan, Leonardo’s Horse


This Horse sculpture has a long history. It all began when in 1977 Charles Dent, an American Pilot and great enthusiast of Renaissance art (Leonardo’s in particular) read in the National Geographic that Leonardo had worked on the greatest equestrian monument of all times from 1482 to 1499, a project he could not finish, because when it was almost completed the French invaders destroyed it. In 1982 Charles Dent founded the "Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse Incorporation" to raise funds to reproduce the original work. Dent died in 1994 and did not see his work completed, but the project continued and in July 1999 the 7 subsections (more than 12 tones) were brought from the Tallix Art Foundry (Beacon, NY) to Milan. The sculptress Nina Akamu directed the works. On the 10th of September 1999 the monument was unveiled. The horse is at the 'Ippodromo' (Horse racing stadium), in 'Piazzlae dello Sport' --not far from San Siro’s stadium.

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