9/25.- Malta, Marsaxlokk fishing village


Now from the oldest village, Birgu, I will take you to the most recently inhabited village, the picturesque Marsaxlokk. Despite the fact that this village was the first Phoenician settlement on the island in the IX century BC., the Ottoman Turks invaded Malta from its shores in 1565, causing the population to retreat inland. Later on, Napoleon attacked the island from this village. This is how the resettlement of the local population took place only 100 years ago.

Today Marsaxlokk is the largest fishing port of Malta and its Sunday fish market a tourist attraction included in every trip, tour, cruise of the islands. I took this picture on a summer Sunday market right behind the stalls with fresh fish and Maltese crafts and souvenirs.

You can see here fishermen children helping their grandfather repair his fishing boat. Behind them the colorful Luzzu boats, on which the Maltese fishermen paint their traditional eye of Osiris (Phoenicians' god of protection from evil).

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