7/25.- Malta, Birgu (Maritime Museum, San Lawrenz church)


From the present day capital Valletta one can go by bus or by boat to the other side of the Grand Harbour to the old headquarters of the Knights, Birgu (named Vittoriosa after the Great Siege).

One of the oldest villages of Malta, Birgu is the perfect symbol of the rich history of the islands. Its old medieval castle, long before becoming a fort, has been a Phoenician temple dedicated to Astarte, later a Greek temple honouring Hera, which the Romans rebuilt and consacrated to Junona.

The first fort was built during the arab occupation in 828. It was also Birgu, Malta's first town in which the Order opened their hospital in the convent Santa Scholastica.

Here you can see San Lawrenz church rebuilt by the Knights on the site of their first church on the islands. By its side stands the Maritime Museum housed in the 19th century building of the Naval Bakery.

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