14/39.- Mallorca, Coves del Drac


This cave is one km South of Porto Cristo. They were first explored in 1896 by E. A. Martel. In 1934 Carles Buigas designed its lighting, since then it has been a major tourist attraction. There are many underground lakes, the biggest of which is the Martel Lake. It’s also surprising the quantity of it’s stalactites, which are very thin (as you can see in the photo).

Inside the cave there’s a big auditorium (more than 150 m long) where classical music is performed daily. Once the show is over you can take a boat inside the cave and admire the strange forms on the walls.

I know the photo could be better, but I’ll tell you a secret: it’s forbidden to take photos inside the cave. I had to hide my camera to take this photo --don’t tell anyone, please!

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