18/46.- Madrid, Reina Sofia Museu, postcards


The "Reina Sofia" is a must see Museum if you like modern art. It displays pictures by the most famous Spanish modern Painters. With works by Joan Miro (many of his constellations canvas), Juan Gris (his best surrealist works), Julio Gonzalez, J.J. Tharrats, Tapies and among many others, my favorite: Salvador Dali (the surrealist master), with his best canvas: "The big M..." (a self Portrait). And of course, pictures by the best painter of all times: Pablo Ruiz Picasso ...

If you can't understand Spanish, bring a dictionary with you when visiting this museum. All explanations are only in Spanish! Even titles of pictures by non-Spanish painters are only in Spanish.

We will now go to the Plaza Mayor ...

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