14/42.- Geneva, Saint Peter's Cathedral


A few minutes from the Town Hall sits the town's main cathedral, the Saint Peter's. The origin of this church dates back to 1160. A series of fires and restorations have almost left no evidence of this period. Most of the church's decoration was removed after the Reformation. For this reason this is a rather austere cathedral. Do not expect to see rich designs inside. All the contrary. Once you cross its gate, you have the sensation of being in a very simple construction, except for its stained glasses and its organ.

One of the things to do in the church, is a visit to Calvin's chair -- where John Calvin himself preached during the time of the Reformation. The chair is not easy to spot, by the way. But I promise it is there. Another thing you should not miss is climbing the Cathedral's north tower. After 157 steps, you will have a great view of the city and the lake.

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