11/42.- Geneva, Old Town's street


Although there are some evidences people already lived here in 3000 BC, the official history of the city of Geneva starts in 500 BC, with a Celtic Allobroges' settlement. Romans conquered the land in 58 BC and stayed here until a Germanic tribe took over the region in 443. In 534 they were defeated by the Francs. In 1032, the Germanic Emperors ruled the city.

In the middle Ages, the city of Geneva undertook a prosperous period. During this period its trade fairs were famous throughout Europe. From the 13th to the 16th century, the Dukes of Savoy unsuccessful tried to conquer the city. In 1530 Geneva signed a deal with Bern and Fribourg to protect its city from the Dukes of Savoy while granting its independence. In 1535, Calvin moved to Geneva. During this period, Geneva was known as the ''Protestant Rome'', and underwent a second flourishing period. In 1792 Geneva became a republic. Soon after, trade, banking and watch making prospered. Then came Napoleon's annexation of the city. In 1815, after France's defeat, Geneva joined the Swiss Confederation.

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