9/42.- Geneva, Croix d'Or


Geneva is a shopping paradise. The "chic" shops sit around "rue Basses", "rue du Rhône", "rue de la Confédération", "rue du Marché" and "rue de la Croix-d'Or" -- the one shown in the picture. In these streets you will find everything you need --clothes, chocolate, watches, music, etc. -- but not at bargain prices. Geneva is definitely an expensive city.

Although Geneva is the watch industry 's hometown, prices here may be more expensive than at home. If you plan to buy a watch here, check the price at your local dealer first. You do not want to get back home feeling you were ripped off. What else can you buy here? What about a Swiss knife? Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese and/or wine should be on your shopping list too.

If you want to buy a less expensive souvenir, go somewhere else than the old district. But if you want to buy expensive clothes, this is the place to go.

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