16/23.- Figueres, Teatre Museu Dali, surrealistic scultpure


The work of Salvador Dalí cannot be understood without Gala. Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, also known as Gala, was Salvador Dalí's wife and muse. She was born in Russia, and met his first husband, Paul Éluard, in a hospital facility in Switzerland. Eluard, a poet, was a member of the surrealist movement (along with Breton, Soupault and Aragon). In one of the surrealist's meetings, Gala met Max Ernst, whith whom she had a relationship.

In 1929 Salvador Dalí went to Paris to lunch the film he did with Buñuel (Un Chien Andalou). Salvador Dalí contacted Paul Éluard and René Magritte, and invited them and their wives to spend some weeks in Port Lligat, Cadaques. While in Cadaques, Dalí fell deeply in love with Gala. Since those days, Dalí and Gala lived together. She became Dalí's inspiration and was portrayed in many of his works. In 1958 Dalí and Gala got Married in Girona, and in 1968 Dalí buys Gala the Castle of Pubol, where she was buried after her death in 1982. Since 1996 the Castle of Pubol is open to the public.

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