15/50.- Gortys, Agios Titus, the 6th c. A.D.


If Gortys was the capital of Crete during the Roman occupation, then it is equally famous for having been the first and most populous Christian city of the island until the 9th c AD when it fell to the Sarracens. It is said that Apostle Titus found the first Christian church on Crete at Gortys, and in 250 AD the ten saints were martyred. The Basilica of Agios Titos pictured here is a stone cruciform church with three semicircular conches, three sided outside and two small apses on the north and south axis of the cross, dating from the 6th c AD. The archaeological site at Gortys does not require more than half an hour visit. After refreshing at the patio bar we take another public transportation bus for Phaistos.

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