10/50.- Kamares ware pedestal bowl


This Kamares bowl belongs to the middle Minoan period, 1900-1700 B.C. Phaistos
Minoan pottery is considered to have reached its zenith early, in the Middle Minoan period.

Certain types are called Kamares ware; there is eggshell ware , typically cups thrown on a potter's wheel with extremely thin walls made to imitate the more expensive metal vessels; also within the realm of Kamares ware are thicker, but very fine pitchers and vases and objects which are "over the top". They are polychromed, with light-on-dark designs that have stylized, decorative, metal- and stone-imitating patterns and floral and zoomorphic motifs. Some of these pots were first found in a shrine in the Kamares Cave in the foothills of Mt. Ida.

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