35/38.- Ceske Budejovice, arcade


More trips:

Borsov nad Vltavou, with the Porici Castle, the St. Jacob the Bigger Church. From here you can visit the nice Vltava Valley, the ruins of the Castle Maskovce, the monastery in Zlata Koruna and the Divci Kamen Castle. Buses and trains depart from Ceske Budejovice frequently.

Hlibnic, famous for its spa centers. Several intellectual personalities frequent it during Summer.

Dobra Voda, a pilgrimage destination and spa resort. Where you can visit the Baroque Suffering Holy Virgin’s Church and the small chapel with curative waters. This village lies just 5 km from Budejovice.

There are many other interesting excursions and trips to do once in Budejovice. You can access many of these destinations by bus, train, car and bike.

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