13/38.- Budapest, view of Buda


Here, you can see part of Buda --at the bottom of the image. Do you see the church with the two towers at your right? That’s Batthyány tér Church, where we were a few minutes ago. Remember?

In the middle of the Danube river you can see the Margit-sziget (Margaret Island), 2 km long and 500 meters wide. Since the construction of an off-ramp from the Margarit Bridge, it is now possible to get there by car. The island was named after a daughter of King Bela IV. She was required to live here as a nun. On the island there’s the most beautiful park in town, and many interesting ruins. It’s possible to visit all the Island by bike --you can rent a bike or a bike carriage on the island. On the island there are also medicinal waters.

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