10/40.- Bucharest, The National Library


Here the esteemed viewer (YOU!) can admire the National Library of Romania. In old times it used to be the Stock Exchange but as the Communists came, they considered obsolete having a stock exchange in a centralized economy therefore they made yet another Library. In 1989 the authorities began construction for another National Library (most likely in their lunacy planning to wipe out this one) but the revolution came and their plans came to an end. Now the government has resumed construction at the grandiose site of the 140 thousand sqm National Library which apart from the Library itself will also be the headquarters for the Government. It remains to be seen whether they'll give this building back to its destined use or will they do something else with it. As far as architecture goes, it's French Eclectic, it was finished in 1910 after a design by Stefan Burcus. It's right in the middle of the financial of which 2 parts will be revealed to you in the next 2 slides.

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