3/40.- Bucharest, Quiet afternoon


Available for your viewing pleasure here are three distinct buildings. The one with a small tower in the middle is the Czech embassy in Romania. The light yellow building on the right is a portion of the Romanian Commercial Bank, whilst on the left the shiny garlic shaped roofs can only be the top of a Russian church.

Many uninformed people mistake Romanians for Russians. This church is, so to say, a curiosity here, Romanian Orthodox churches looking very differently from what you see there on the left. It's worth mentioning that Romania is a Latin country (with a Hungarian minority of around 2 million and a Gipsy minority of around 1 million people), yet it's the only Latin country in which the Roman Catholic church does not hold the overwhelming majority, unfortunately for us (I believe) only 5% of us are Catholics. We're the only Latin country in Eastern Europe too (except Moldova, which is just a former part of one of our provinces which has been Russified when the USSR grabbed it from us in 1940 until 1990 when the 6 Romanians out of 10 people country achieved its independence from Moscow, but from Bucharest too).

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