1/38.- Welcome to Bordeaux, France!!!


Welcome to Bordeaux!!! This city in Aquitaine, in the west of France, is worldwide famous for its wines, but lately the city itself is drawing the attention of tourists thanks to its splendid gothic cathedrals and 18th century mansions. On this Photographic Tour I will try to show you some of the monuments in this city. At the end of the tour we will visit one of the vineyards -'Chateaux'- in the region and learn something about the Bordeaux wines.

We will start our visit in the 'Quartier Saint-Eloi'. This is one of the most picturesque districts in Bordeaux. In the photo you see the 'Grosse Cloche' (Great Bell), which used to be the bell of the Town Hall's belfry. Currently the Town Hall is elsewhere, but the bell is still one of the symbols of Bordeaux.

In this tour we will follow, more or less, the tourist itinerary recommended by the city's tourist office. One of the differences is that the "official" tour starts at the 'Jardin Public', and we will start the tour in front of this bell tower. Walking along the Victor Hugo street, we will get to the 'Porte Bourgogne' on our right ...

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