17/38.- Bordeaux, Rue Montesquieu


Now I will try to explain you how you should taste a bottle of Bordeaux. The first thing you need to do is open the bottle. Obvious, isn't it? Take a look at the cork, it should not be dry. If it is, it means the wine has not been stored properly --bottles of wine should always be stored horizontally. Pour some wine in your glass and observe its color. Red wines get lighter with the years, whites get darker. Swirl the wine and smell it. Once you have smelled several of them, you will learn to differentiate a wine only by its smell. And last, you have to taste it. It is important to share your wine tasting experiences with others. And remember, the more your fellow dinners know about wines, the faster you will learn. One final tip, you should never reject a wine in a restaurant because you do not like it. You are supposed to reject it only if the wine is not the one you ordered, or if it is spoiled.

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