15/50.- Barcelona, Fundació Antoni Tàpies


This building was designed by Domènech i Montaner. Here, you can find "La Fundació Tàpies": The Tàpies Museum. Antoni Tàpies is the most famous Catalonian artist alive.

He is a polemic artist. A few years ago there was a big debate about one of his pieces. The director of the Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA) entrusted him with the creation of a sculpture to decorate the Museum's main hall, and Tapies proposed a dirty and used 12 meter high sock. For several weeks everybody talked about this Super Sock in Barcelona. Finally the work was not approved. This is the most famous non-existant work of art of all time, I think.

On the top of the building you can appreciate an Antoni Tàpies work called "Núvol i Cadira" (= Cloud and chair).

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