2/50.- Barcelona, "La Sagrada Familia" - Naixament Facade


This is a detailed view of the "Sagrada Família"'s older side: the Naixament Facade. This Cathedral was designed by Antoni Gaudi. It was begun in 1884, it is still being built, and it will not be finished until the 22nd century. Although modern techniques are currently being used, some parts of the construction can only be completed using the old traditional ones. Another reason why the construction is taking so long is more materialistic: money. All funds come from donations.

Antoni Gaudí was a very religious man. He lived in the "Sagrada Família". Currently another artist lives in the building: Subirachs. He is the sculptor carving the west facade's sculptures ("La Passió"). The continuation of the works in the Sagrada Familia is a controversial topic in Barcelona. There are no original plans of Gaudi's project, only some sketches. Should the temple be finished? I am afraid the controversy will last, at least, another century ...

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