3/35.- Avignon, city walls at Porte de l'Oulle


Avignon is one of the most ancient towns in Europe. The origins of this city date back to 3000 BC. One thousand years later an important Neolithic town took up the banks of the Rhone. If you want to learn more about the origins of this town, visit the prehistory museum in Avignon, a department of the Calvet museum.

During the Roman Empire the city was known as Avenio and already had more than 27,000 inhabitants. You can visit some sculptures and vases from this period in the Lapidaire Museum. After several barbarian invasions, the city became independent in the 12th century. Governed by rich locals and under the authority of the Bishop the city became a trade center. During this prosperous period, the bridge on the river, the Cathedral and the double walls were erected.

In the photo you can see part of the 4.3 km city walls, which are entirely conserved.

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